Let’s Not Starve (Don’t Starve – Reign of Giants) – E1 – Finding a Home

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Feb 082015
And we're back! Today we're playing a different survival game: Don't Starve - Reign of Giants! It's a great game, very fun, very funny, very morbid, very Tim-Burton-esque! Hope you enjoy! Comment, Like, Subscribe! Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/benfraley

Let’s Play PneumaticCraft – E6 – Power in the Blood

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Dec 192014
Turns out those drones need power. Who knew? :) Today, we go about getting a better power source going. That power source is... well... Comment! Like! Subscribe! Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/benfraley Marty's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Martysgames Support Azanor: http://www.patreon.com/azanor Support Vazkii: http://www.patreon.com/Vazkii Mod List: Minecraft Forge ArmorStatusHUD 1.27 DamageIndicatorsMod 3.2.0 StatusEffectHUD 1.26 Automagy 0.7 BDLIB BiblioCraft 1.7.5 Blood Magic 1.1.0 Botania r1-2-111 Buildcraft 6.0.17 Carpenter's Blocks 3.2.6 Chisel 1.5.6 CodeChickenCore EnderStorage Extra Utilities 1.1.0k FastCraft 1.6 Forestry Immibis Core 59.0.1 Inventory Tweaks 1.58-147 IronChest Jabba 1.1.4 Magic Bees 2.1.19 NEI Plugins NEI OpenEye 0.6 Optifine HD U A4 Thuamcraft Translocator Waila 1.5.3a Wawla 1.0.5 Witchery 0.20.5
Dec 162014

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the upcoming Marvel movies might play out. There’s Thanos, Infinity Stones, Infinity Gauntlet, more and more heroes, more and more comic book stories being interwoven.  How can they tie all of these together? Well, I’ll give it a try…

Avenger: Age of Ultron

Ok, so this is the next one in line.  We already know that Ultron shows up as a creation of Tony Stark, goes haywire, Avengers assemble, chaos ensues.  Just from some of the footage that’s out there and with some of the movie titles (ahem Civil War), I think there’s some assumptions we can make about what’s going to happen.

  • The Avengers assemble, then are disassembled.  Battle lines are drawn around the “Super Hero Registration Action”, which Iron Man tries to impose in the comics to have all super heroes register their powers and secret identities so that the government can keep tabs on them.  Captain America forms a resistance to this, and thus we have “Civil War”.  No doubts that this is happening.
  • Thor, as some point, will leave earth and high-tail it back to Asgard.  We see signs of this in the clip shown during Marvel’s Phase 3 announcements (Cap and Tony are talking about what the Maximoff kid showed Thor that made him leave).  This seems to be near the middle of the movie (Ultron not defeated yet), so I’m thinking Thor doesn’t show up again until the end. My guess is that after Ultron is defeated, Thor will either come back to earth in a post-credits scene with Loki and Heimdall, needing help with a MAJOR problem (discussed below), or Thor will be shown arriving in Asgard, where Loki and Heimdall will be dealing with said MAJOR problem.


  • I’m not sure how this movie is going to fit in, as details have kinda been scare.  We know it’s a heist movie, and that Hank Pym (old Ant-Man) and Scott Long (new Ant-Man) stage a heist to save the world. Too hard to speculate, but as that’s what I’m doing here, I’ll say that this movie will have the least impact on the MCU and future Phase 3 movies, possibly none at all.  Might get 1 or 2 new Avengers out of it in Ant-Man and Wasp, but that may be a stretch.  If so, these new Avengers will have to choose a side in…

Captain America: Civil War

Major movie here, and I think it will play out over 3-4 other movies, but not the next 3-4 movies (though we may see glimpses of it here and there).  What will happen? Well…

  • We may or may not see Spider-Man here. I’m guessing we won’t, but if Marvel gets the rights for him back from Sony, then maybe. Would be a stretch though, even if they do get him (character wouldn’t have been introduced to us at all yet).  Spidey is a major player in the comic book version of this story, but he’d be out of place here, in my opinion.
  • Black Panther will show up here (no news there).  Doubt he’ll play a major role in the story other than to introduce himself to the world.
  • I’m guessing Cap dies in this one. OK, just hear me out. Chris Evans has a 6-film deal with Marvel. This will be his 3rd Captain America movie, and he’s been in 2 Avenger films. That leaves one left, which I’m guessing is going to be Infinity War Part II (more on this later).  The Winter Soldier will take up the shield and mantle of Captain America in the mean time, until Steve Rogers makes his return.  If I had to guess, I’d say Steven Strange plays a role in that…
  • I’m also thinking that the Civil War isn’t resolved in this movie.  Note the next 3 movies (in order): Dr. Strange:: origin story; Guardians of the Galaxy 2:: not on earth; Thor: Ragnarok:: also not on earth.  This leaves them a lot of time to set up new stories and events that can be happening while all the earth-bound heroes are fighting among themselves. I’m guessing the Civil War saga ends at the end of the Black Panther movie. More on this later.

Dr. Strange

  • This movie is going to be crazy. Just a feeling here. Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, said this movie is going to get into “string theory and alternate reality” and introduce us to the “mystical side of the Marvel universe”. I think we’ll get into some really cool stuff, might even introduce the Time Gem in this story (the second to last gem to be shown) to be able to get into some of those alternate realities.
  • I don’t think the existing MCU will have a lot of effects from this movie, but will affect things going forward.  I think Strange might pluck Cap back into action from an alternate reality. But that’s just me :)
  • I think Marvel is going to start putting more than one main character in their movies.  Strange will be the lead for this one, but I’m I think another Avenger might show up for this one.  If I had to guess, I’d say the Winter Soldier shows up at some point.
  • I love that they got Benedict Cumberbatch for this movie. He’s a great actor, have loved everything he’s been in.  Would love to know how many pictures his deal is for, but I’d guess it’s a 3-6 picture deal, probably 3.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

  • There’s been a lot of rumors about Hulk being blasted off into space at the end of Age of Ultron. I’m thinking this happens, and I’m thinking he’s going to run into the Guardians here. Just a hunch.
  • I think we’ll get to see Adam Warlock in this movie as well. He’s a big part of the Infinity saga, and has the Soul Gem embedded in his forehead. We’ve seen the cocoon he emerges from in the comic books twice now; once in the after-credits scene in “Thor: The Dark World”, and again (this time opened up) in the after-credits scene in “Guardians of the Galaxy”.  I’m thinking he shows up here and is the main antagonist of this one.
  • Thanos is a little more in play in this movie as well. So far, he’s been pretty much bound to that chair.  I’m thinking he’s a little more active in this movie, but towards the end.  At some point, he’s got to get going on getting all of the Infinity stones, and there’s only 2 more movies until “Infinity War”, so he’s got some work to do. I’m thinking we’ll see that here. I’m really excited to see Thanos’ power level, since he’s EXTREMELY powerful in the comics (see here).
  • Thanos takes the Soul Gem from Adam Warlock. Warlock may be killed off in this one, which would be a shame, but is kinda par for the course w/ the MCU. A lof of cool characters get killed off before they can be flushed out (Ronan the Accuser and Malekith, for example).
  • Thanos gets the Power Gem from the Nova Corps. Thanos is active in this movie, but kind of in a background sort of way. He’s kicking butts and taking names.
  • Thanos also takes control of the Ether here.  The Collector is currently in possession of it, and he’s a player in the Guardians world rather than Asgard or Earth. Thanos: 3 Gems, Everyone Else: 3 Gems.

Thor: Ragnarok

  • So, there’s two ways I think this movie plays out. They could go with a “Dark Reign” type storyline for this (basically, Asgard is attacked by multiple villians and eventually destroyed).  I’m not really feeling that though.  More likely, we’re going to see Surtur in this one, a fire-demon who really, REALLY wants to destroy Asgard.
    • “In the title Thor the seer Volla predicts that Loki will free Surtur and other enemies of Asgard and eventually bring about Ragnarok” – Wikipedia
  • In the comics, Loki frees Surtur, but I think it’ll be different in the MCU. Surtur will still be freed, but guess who is going to free him? That’s right, THANOS.  If you remember from the first Avengers, Thanos gave Loki the staff (Mind Gem) and the Chitauri in order for him to conquer Earth. What do you think Loki promised Thanos in return? I’m guessing the Tesseract AND the Infinity Gauntlet itself.  Thanos is coming to collect.
  • Odin may or may not be dead. I’m thinking Marvel hedged their bets on whether or not Anthony Hopkins would want to come back for a 3rd movie. If he’s alive, then Loki put him into the Odinsleep (like the first movie).  If he’s dead, the Loki killed him.  Would be kinda sucky for Odin to die off-screen, but that’s what happens sometimes. They could always CGI him in or maybe get Hopkins to show up for just a few days.
  • Loki, now the ruler of Asgard, is no longer willing to allow Thanos access to the vault.  Thus, Thanos and Surtur’s forces combine for an attack on Asgard.
  • Thor will either enter the scene via the vision from the Scarlet Witch in Age of Ultron, or via when Heimdall and Loki come looking for him in the end-credits scene of Age of Ultron.
  • The movie will end with Asgard in bad shape. Thanos will have gotten to the vault and captured the Tesseract and the Gauntlet. Surtur will be defeated, but at great cost to Asgard. Thanos never really cared about Asgard, just wanted the gems. He takes them and leaves. Thanos: 4, Everyone else: 2
  • Heimdall doesn’t survive this one. Just a feeling. If Odin isn’t already dead, he dies in this one as well. Thor take over rulership of the land. Loki may have redeemed himself here, realizing now that Thanos threatens all life in the universe.
  • Big time move for the MCU. Asgard may even be destroyed in this one, leaving us in a similar position to that of the “Dark Reign” storyline.  In that, Asgard being rebuilding their city on Earth.  Either way, Asgard is extremely weakened.

Black Panther

  • This movie will tie up the “Civil War” arc, with Black Panther’s kingdom, Wakanda, swaying the fight towards Captain America/Winter Soldier’s side.
  • Not feeling that we’ll get any deaths. I think this one will be a mix between origin story and getting the Earth-bound heroes into the next big thing.
  • Again, we’ll see multiple heroes in this movie. Iron Man and Winter Soldier at the least, I’m guessing a handful of others make cameos.
  • Thanos shows up at the end of the movie, giving Earth an ultimatum: Surrender the Mind Gem (Loki’s staff) and the Time Gem (Dr. Strange) or Earth will feel his wrath.

Infinity War: Part I

  • Thanos, now with 4 Infinity Gems, takes the fight to Earth.  The Earth-bound heroes have just finished fighting among themselves, and are in an extremely weakened state.  Thanos knew this and is taking advantage.
  • I think Thanos kicks everyone’s butt here. Earth is disorganized and in chaos, while Thanos has been planning this for awhile. He takes the gems after a lengthy fight, and leaves.
  • OK. So, in the comics, Thanos takes the gems, puts them in the guauntlet and… kills half the life in the universe with one snap of his fingers (in order to impress Death, who he is in love with. Weird guy). I’m thinking this happens at the end of the movie, and we see a lot of our heroes die.
  • Lacking direction and a plan, Strange resurrects Steve Rogers in a great after-credits scene.

Captain Marvel

  • The galaxy, now defeated and depopulated, is in shambles. Captain Marvel’s power set is cosmic, but she is Earth-based, so I’m guessing she’s the one that rallies everyone together for one last shot at Thanos.
  • This will be an origin story, but will set up Infinity War: Part II.
  • Her origin will be Kree-based, much like the Inhumans…
  • Lots of other heroes make small cameos in this one towards the end. Capt. Marvel is set up as the next leader of the Avengers.


  • This one I have the least feel for. Obviously, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” has their flag pole set with these guys, so maybe this is the one where we see Coulson and the gang (or maybe just Daisy Johnson/Quake) come back into the picture.
  • Either way, Captain Marvel shows up in this one as well, having knowledge of the Kree and what they did on Earth with the Inhumans so long ago.  I’m guessing she makes the plea for them to join the fight against Thanos.
  • This will also feature a origin story for Black Bolt and the Inhuman royal family.

Infinity War: Part II

  • All the remaining heroes, with Captain America and Captain Marvel in the lead, take off into space to attack Thanos. Thanos, having the Infinity Guantlet, mops the floor with them.
  • I’m guessing this looks a lot like the comic book:
    • “In a bid to impress Death, Thanos allows the heroes a slight chance of winning, but easily defeats and kills almost all of them. Thanos then goes on to defeat and imprison many of the universe’s cosmic entities… Thanos leaves his body and becomes the living embodiment of the universe. This leaves his abandoned body vulnerable to Nebula, his alleged granddaughter.  Nebula takes the Gauntlet off Thanos’ hand and dons it herself; she then undoes all of Thanos’ actions, restoring her from disfigurement, bringing the dead back to life, and reversing the damage done to the cosmos.” – Wikipedia
  • I think the aftermath of this will be a bit different.  I’m guessing the major players in the MCU will each take one of the gems from the gauntlet for safekeeping.  I’d guess Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Star-Lord, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and Black Bolt are the ones who guard them, and either form the “Infinity Watch” or, more likely, “The Illuminati” (yes, that’s actually a thing in the comic books).


And that’s it! I think they’ll have a bit of wiggle room here for a Spider-Man movie if they get the rights back from Sony (very likely, imo). Not sure if he’ll fit into all of this really, but I believe he’s there in the battle with Thanos in the comics.  Also, this doesn’t take into account all of the Netflix shows that should be happening around the same time.  Those guys are mostly minor players in the comics, except for Luke Cage, but he may or may not become that in the MCU.

OK, I’ve written enough! Hope you enjoyed that! Leave a comment below about what you think may or may not happen in the MCU!