Inside Out

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Jun 152015

I don’t blog much, and I think I know why:

People will probably not like my opinion on things. 

And that makes me kind of sad. I think we all struggle, to some extent, on saying what we really think because of fear of rejection, loss of friendships or relationships, loss of respect. 

But, I’m not sure this is a good way to live really, bottling up all your thoughts. What good is that? If someone disagrees with you, surely they could discuss it with you in a calm manner (not sure ‘calm’ is the word I want there). Surely two friends could disagree over something and remain friends. Surely we live in a world where people can respect each other’s opinions and not ostracize each other. 


I think people sometimes get upset too quickly over things that aren’t very important. There’s kids starving, but let’s get upset over who can marry who. The earth may be heating up at an insane rate, but let’s disrespect someone over some other belief. Why not be upset over things that really matter?

Let’s say I’m a young-earth creationist, but your an old-earth. We could debate for hours, but it’s ultimately not worth getting upset over. The outcome of the argument won’t affect anything other than your relationship, and that’s only if f you let it. Which would be a shame. (I’m neither young nor old-earth; I can live without making by a decision either way). 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’d love to put some ideas out here on my blog. And I hope people don’t get angry about them. 

Let’s Not Starve (Don’t Starve – Reign of Giants) – E1 – Finding a Home

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Feb 082015
And we're back! Today we're playing a different survival game: Don't Starve - Reign of Giants! It's a great game, very fun, very funny, very morbid, very Tim-Burton-esque! Hope you enjoy! Comment, Like, Subscribe! Twitter:

Let’s Play PneumaticCraft – E6 – Power in the Blood

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Dec 192014
Turns out those drones need power. Who knew? :) Today, we go about getting a better power source going. That power source is... well... Comment! Like! Subscribe! Twitter: Marty's Channel: Support Azanor: Support Vazkii: Mod List: Minecraft Forge ArmorStatusHUD 1.27 DamageIndicatorsMod 3.2.0 StatusEffectHUD 1.26 Automagy 0.7 BDLIB BiblioCraft 1.7.5 Blood Magic 1.1.0 Botania r1-2-111 Buildcraft 6.0.17 Carpenter's Blocks 3.2.6 Chisel 1.5.6 CodeChickenCore EnderStorage Extra Utilities 1.1.0k FastCraft 1.6 Forestry Immibis Core 59.0.1 Inventory Tweaks 1.58-147 IronChest Jabba 1.1.4 Magic Bees 2.1.19 NEI Plugins NEI OpenEye 0.6 Optifine HD U A4 Thuamcraft Translocator Waila 1.5.3a Wawla 1.0.5 Witchery 0.20.5