Jul 292008
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After getting my free (FREE!) book from O’Reilly media, “Ubuntu for Non-Geeks,” about a month ago, I finally got around to installing it.  So far, I’m pretty impressed. The first day I had it, not that impressed.  The install for it (off a CD provided by the book, btw, big thumbs up there; you can even run it off the CD without installing it on your computer) went really smooth.  System updated, ran through a couple simple commands and what not.  However, when it came time to get on the interwebz I ran into a big of a snag.  It seems that some wireless cards have some big problems working in Linux.  So, 4 hours later, I still didn’t have internet, and decided to go to bed.  However, next day I was able to build on my previous 4 hours of work and get the drivers and whatnot installed, wha-la, internet access enabled.  For there on it was pretty smooth sailing.  Massive update to 8.04 of Hardy Heron. Didn’t take too long though, even on my wireless card w/ a bad connection.  One thing I have yet to remedy is that my sound doesn’t work on everything. It works in flash, but none of my system sounds work.  Very odd.  But not that big of a deal.  Installed a few games, messed around in terminal, even used it for work today (terminal is great!!!).  All in all, it’s really great for a free operating system. I’m not dropping Windows entirely yet, still need my Neverwinter Nights 2 fixes (+1 nerd point) but for everything else, I’m using Ubuntu! YAY ME!

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