Sep 122008
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Well, it was fun while it lasted.

I think I used Google Chrome at work for an entire day, and I discovered this:  it’s not ready for prime time.  And I’m cool with that, b/c, as my previous post says, it’s in BETA, so there’s probably a lot of new features coming down the pipeline.  But for me, I really need my Firefox plugins.  Twitterfox, Google Toolbar, Forecastfox, Adblock, and Firebug are just irreplaceable for me as a web developer and social media fiend.  I didn’t really think I would be that attached to them, but when you’re developing ecommerence sites all day, you have to fill out a LOT of forms, and Google Toolbar really makes that easier (autofill).  I love the ease of use of twitter on Twitterfox.  And Firebug is just awesome, although Chrome’s “inspect this element” feature seems to be attempting to do the same thing, IMHO.  Once there are plugins for Chrome, Firefox will be gone.  But not yet!

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  3 Responses to “It’s Over – I’m Off the Chrome”

  1. I found a lot of problems with Flash, specifically Flash video players. More than once I had to restart Chrome to get video working properly. The videos would cache up, but only the first second or two would play no matter what I tried. Sound was also problematic – the players would simply not play the sound. Until the Flash integration gets the kinks worked out, I’ll be using Firefox for most browsing.

  2. I never noticed the flash problems. Another thing that annoyed me tho was that Facebook and other javascript intensive sites wouldn’t operate properly. I’m sure Google will address this stuff tho.

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