Aug 102008

Looks like upgrading to WordPress 2.6 from 2.5.1 is really easy. Delete a wp-admin and wp-includes directories, save your old wp-config.php file, upload new files, copy values from old wp-config.php file into new file, go to admin screen to do a quick database upgrade, and wha-la, you’re done! Hopefully everyone has had the same experience I’ve had, and no one has had to completely reinstall WordPress like I had to awhile back (what a pain!). Here’s some instructions on upgrading to WordPress 2.6 in case you can’t find it:

Upgrading to WordPress 2.6

And here’s a little about new features and whatnot in WordPress 2.6

See this video and more here.

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Review: Twitter Tools

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Jun 092008

Yeah, it’s probably been reviewed a lot, but hey, it’s new to me :)

I discovered Twitter about 2 months ago, and at first, I was a little skeptical.  “Who would care about what I’m doing?” I remember saying to myself, then leaving the site immediately.  Then I saw a few more blog posts about it.  “How to Use Twitter For _______”.  “Top Ten Uses for Twtiter”.  On and on.  So I decided to give it a second chance.  A few of my favorite podcast novelists were on there (Scott Sigler, JC Hutchins, and a recent addition, Tee Morris).  So I click the “follow” button on, start watching the tweets, and two months later I’m hooked.  It’s just too much fun to microblog during your day about random observations, stuff going on, sites you like, etc.  Good times all around.

And now I find a blog tool that integrates all your stuff INTO TWITTER.  After wiping off the drool, I download, install, and here I am, writing a little review of it.

Installation was a breeze, as most WordPress plugins are. I did notice a few snags, mostly in the “test login”, but this is probably more due to twitter than the plugin…  You see, twitter has this bad habit of crashing.  Daily.  Sometimes even hourly.  But no worries, the down time will actually give you time to get stuff done during your day.  Like going to work, watering your plants, playing with your kids, talking to your wife.  You know, stuff regular people do who aren’t addicted to twitter (just trust me, it’s fun).  And now, this will be my first post using Twitter Tools.  If it doesn’t work, i’ll come back to say that I hate it, but if it does (and I’ve seen it used before, so I’m pretty confident) lets just say it’s another hook that twitter has put into me.

Oh, and if you’re not on Twitter, go now.  Then follow me by clicking here.

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Review 3: Bloxpress

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May 082008

Well, it sounded really cool.

I uploaded Bloxpress to my site, set it as my default theme, and initially, i was impressed.  Nice, clean looking theme.  The widgets on the side could be closed.  But not moved.  ooh, javascript errors.  some class not loaded. hmmm… then (and this may be unrelated) my permalinks decided to stop working.  “No input file specified” errors.  UH OH

nearly 2 hours later, after deleting and reinstalling wordpress, I can finally write a review.  It works really nicely in WordPress 2.1 at least.  drag and drop features are really neat, so big thumbs up for that.  Maybe I should have been more cautious, the author’s site does say it’s been developed in 2.1, but I thought 2.5.1 didn’t mess with the front end of your site too much, just the back end (see the wordpress podcast episode about 2.5).  Oh well, not too much lost, just gotta redownload a few plugins.  Lesson learned

4/5 stars if you can get it to work.  beware ;)

Review 2: Green Tech Theme

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May 072008

green tech on my site

I’m a big fan of So when they posted their 50 best WordPress themes, I jumped on it like Bear Grylls would jump on a excellent source of protein. Download, install, activate. Not too bad. Made a few edits (there a spot for ads about the right sidebar that i didn’t want to use). Here’s what my site looks like right now:

Not too bad. I like how clean everything looks. Except for when I started adding widgets to the sidebar. As you can see, the blog cloud is less than stellar, and there’s a lot of extra line breaks in between each entry. Could this be fixed with a little CSS? probably. But I’m lazy ;)

I really like the extra buttons at the top for the rss feed and email updates. Very well done, and highly visible. The ad space that I removed is a nice feature for those of you who are seeking to monetize your blog (and if you aren’t, start). All in all, a very nice theme, I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Next up: Bloxpress.

Review 1: Zemanta

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May 052008

Ok, so, true to form, here’s my first review of WordPress tool. It’s a Firefox extension called “Zemanta,” and if you like WordPress, you just gotta get this. What it does it suggest links, tags, categories, even pictures for your blog post AS YOU TYPE IT. That’s write, it doesn’t even wait for you to be done, you don’t have to go searching yourself. It does it for you. It’s just awesome. Here’s a screenshot:

zemanta in use

The extension installs into Firefox, and goes seemlessly into the WordPress 2.5.1 admin section without any installation into WordPress itself. Very easy, and very, VERY useful.
So, if you’re a Firefox user (and if you aren’t, go get Firefox right now!) install this plugin for a great blogging experience!

May 052008

So, this site used to be about Lost, my random thoughts.  Not that I posted that much.  But now, I have a newfound toy.  WordPress.  And you’re looking right at it right now!  If you don’t know what WordPress is, go to and learn a little more.  But if you do already, here’s what I want to do with this site:  Install every WordPress plugin out there, and see how they all run together.  See what works good, see what doesn’t.   Hopefully learn something along the way, as well as inform the public about good or not so good wordpress plugins.  Hope you like it!