A Great Day

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Feb 242009
Welcoming Warm
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Good days seem to sneak up on me lately!  A lot of good things happened today, and I’m excited about all of them!  Let’s see, I’ll put them in ascending order (least important first ;) )

1.)  So, I’m moderating a friend’s blog today who is a missionary in Peru, along with his wife (www.thechadwickchronicles.com), and I think to myself, “I wonder how much traffic this site is getting.”  Log into Google Analytics, and they’re getting about 20-40 visitors a day.  Pretty good!  But then I notice my own traffic is up over 700%!!!  What the cause, you may ask? Well, I look at the source, and it’s from my favorite World of Warcraft Hunter blog, BigRedKitty.net!  At first I thought it was from a comment I posted there, and since BRK gets a lot of traffic, I’m just getting a little bit off of that.  But no!  BRK put a link to my little ol’ site on his site!  Rock!  (Note to self:  Post more about your hunter!)  So, if your interested, here’s my current hunter, of which I enjoy so much: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Thunderhorn&n=Redbeered I’ll be posting some of my thoughts about character builds and the new patch notes in the next couple days.  UPDATE!!! I just found out shortly after posting this that the missionary family in Peru that I wrote about in this post just had a daughter!  What a great day!

2.)  (Remember, ascending order, this is more important.  Stay with me ;) )  A good friend of mine and his wife had a baby today!  A reason for rejoicing on any occaision, but this is pretty miraculous, IMO.  When this couple first got married, the wife was diagnosed soon after with non-hodgkins lymphoma, and soon after went into chemotherapy.  After a lot of prayer nights, sickness, and all that is involved with being on chemo, she was finally declared cancer free!  So, thinking that the cancer had ruined their chances of getting pregnant, they decided to adopt, which worked out really well for them (didn’t have to wait too long).  This was probably a year and a half ago.  So, imagine their amazement when the doc told her she was pregnant 9 months ago!  Truly a miracle, and I couldn’t be happier for them!

3.)  Last but not least, and most important.  I’ll give you some backstory on this as well, otherwise this will make less sense than I’m already not making. :)  About 3-4 months ago, my wife and I stepped down from a ministry leadership position at our church.  We had been at it for about two years, and the 4-5 months before we stepped down had really worn us down for a multitude of reasons.

So today, I’m sitting at my desk, and my wife gives me a call.  Very excited, she tells me that one of the members from our previous small group decided to get baptized and dedicated his life to the Lord!  I was shocked!  At the time, I didn’t know what to say really!  But the more I thought about it, the more I really thought that God was at work in our small group, even while my wife and I were being lead to other opportunities.  To me, this was a real testament to the power of God, b/c at the time I really felt I wasn’t doing a good job of leading our small group in prayer, Bible study, etc.  So I know it wasn’t me that had any impact, but rather that God did it all!

So, all in all, an exciting day.  Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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